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Serving Patients with Professional Physical Therapy Services in Yorkville, Plano, Oswego, Bristol, Plattville, Lisbon, Newark, Millbrook, Aurora, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Big Rock.

About Lijo Joseph – Physical Therapist in Yorkville

Lijo Joseph is a professional physical therapist, having completed the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in May 2006 at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). 

Dr. Joseph has 18 years of experience practicing physical therapy. For more than 5 of those years, he worked with orthopedic and medical patients in Yorkville and surrounding suburbs.

He has upgraded his education even further to add certification as:

  • A Master of Dry Needling (MDNC), 
  • Contemporary Cupping methods from the International Cupping Therapy Association
  • M1 Muscle Energy by Thomas Ockler, P.T. (Pelvis, Sacrum, Hip, Lumbar Spine)
  • M2 Muscle Energy by Thomas Ockler, P.T. (Ribs, Thoracic Spine, Cervical Spine)
    • Mr. Ockler is internationally Recognized Physical Therapist, Teacher and Author Tom Ockler, P.T. Tom Ockler, P.T. is a highly sought-after international presenter who gives continuing education courses demonstrating his techniques to eliminate musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.
  • Orthopedic Approach to Myofascial Release 


THE KENDALL PHYSICAL THERAPY GUARANTEE: Patients will only be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist. Never will your pain be left to an assistant or aide. You always receive one-to-one service between the Physical Therapist and patients.


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