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Our goal here at Kendall Physical Therapy Clinic is to offer you the best physical therapy care for Yorkville and its surrounding areas. We have specially designed our brand-new clinic with the latest equipment. You will always receive undivided attention and a combination of therapeutic physical therapy techniques such as Dry Needling, Cupping, Graston, Myofascial Release, and other traditional techniques to accelerate your complete recovery.

Kendall Physical Therapy clinic offers a clean, safe environment. Meticulous care was taken when designing the clinic for your optimal care. You will always be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist. Never is your pain left to an assistant or aide. You always receive one-to-one service with your Physical Therapist.

What to Expect?

The first step is always a thorough Physical Therapy assessment. This comprehensive evaluation takes a holistic approach to develop a thorough, individualized treatment plan just for you. We consider your condition, your lifestyle, and your goals.

For example, if you come to Kendall Physical Therapy with knee pain, instead of concentrating only on your knee, we evaluate the root cause. Knee pain could be from muscle weakness, muscle imbalance, myofascial tightness, or other conditions in other parts of the body. So, rectifying and correcting those will lead to a permanent elimination or decrease of the knee pain.

As a physical therapy clinic owned and operated by an individual physical therapist, no corporate interests interfere with your recovery.


At Kendall Physical Therapy in Yorkville, we value

  1. Patient care over profits
  2. Service over sales!

Location Address: Kendall Physical Therapy, 1591 Sycamore Road, Yorkville, IL 60560

Physical Therapist: Dr. Lijo Joseph Phone:: 630 385 2151

Our Services

Serving Patients with Professional Physical Therapy Services in Yorkville, Plano, Oswego, Bristol, Plattville, Lisbon, Newark, Millbrook, Aurora, Sandwich, Sugar Grove and Big Rock.

Pre and Post-surgical Rehab

Pre and Post-surgical Rehab

Faster and more complete recovery from surgery with specialized physical therapy before and after your operation.

Fall Prevention and Balance Training

Fall Prevention and Balance Training

Prevent falls and reinjury for patients of all ages, from athletes to seniors.

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Get back to your sport and your life. rapid recovery from orthopedic and sports injuries for all ages.

Neck, Back and Spine Program

Neck, Back and Spine Program


We accept Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and work with Worker's Compensation employer insurance.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance eligibility please call our office, our patient coordinators will assist you.

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CONVENIENT LOCATION - by the side of US-34. Handicapped parking and ramp right in front of the clinic. Plenty of parking spaces in the front and back of the clinic

Within close proximity to Rush Copley Emergency Center, Advocate Medical Group Outpatient Center and Kendall Marketplace.
100% COMPLIANT WITH COVID-19 PROTOCOL - Only essential staff in the clinic with support staff off-site.